Naila Parveen and Neha Bansal have been through a lot together. Since becoming best friends in their school, Pratt Memorial, Kolkata, their chit chat about the benefits of eating dates is now being turned into Online High Quality Packaged Dates Selling company. 


Naila has spent a considerable amount of time in Dubai with her family and to her surprise whenever she was visiting India, most of her friends would always asking to bring high quality dates. This consistent demand of dates led to the discussion she had with Neha over coffee in their favorite park street CCD. It got her thinking and analyzing and as luck would have it, due to COVID restrictions, Naila was forced to spent two years in Dubai. In those two years, she met numerous farmers and bigger companies who were in the business of producing & selling dates, she also attended food expo thrice in those years.


To understand the actual benefits of regular consumption of dates, she spent time in healthy living and nutritional classes as well  and currently enrolled to obtain a diploma for the same. Eventually, she started a brand owned by Niles Natural Foods and Beverages Private Limited an online Dates store with her savings out of her 1500-square-foot Kolkata apartment, taking inspiration from her management consultant husband, she has learnt the art of outsourcing majority of the mundane tasks and relying on experts for smooth operations, so she can solely concentrate  on the quality of the products. Still close friends, now sound board for each other, Naila is pushing Neha to join the company full time & Let’s Date’S.



Today being considered as super food, it’s the oldest cultivated fruit in the world, fossil evidence indicates that dates go back at least 50 million years ago. the plant has earned its title as the “Tree of Life” given its antiquity. The scientific name, phoenix dactylifera, comes from ancient Greece.Date palms reach a height of approximately 69 – 75 feet.


The fruit is a short cylindrical shape about 1-3 inches in length and about an inch in diameter. The color ranges from bright red to bright yellow, to deep purple.Dates, despite being very sweet, have a high nutritional value. They are rich in carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamin B complex. They are made up of about 70% carbohydrates (equal ratios of glucose and fructose) and contain calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.


Recently there has been increased interest in the health promoting properties of dates. Studies have shown that dates are highly nourishing and have numerous potential health benefits. They are believed to contain phytochemicals that may help to low cholesterol, decrease risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.An estimated 8.5 million metric tons of dates are produced annually, with countries in the Middle East and North Africa still being the largest producers. Dates are most often picked when they are the dry stage we are familiar with; however, they are unique in that they experience several stages of ripeness.  In the first stage of ripeness, known as the khalalstage, dates have a firm and crunchy texture that is juicy and only slightly sweet. When left to ripen, the date becomes sweeter and less firm and is often sold when it reaches the tamarstage.


Most date lovers prefer them at the rutabstage, when they are very soft and sweet.The sweetness of dates is a great accompaniment to many different savory dishes. They also make a great dessert option on their own. Throughout history and in many parts of the world, dates are considered an affordable source of nutrition. Because they are dried, easily preserved and easily transportable they have an extended shelf life, which is ideal for long periods of travel.